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Presented by Alex Tuggle L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist and Founder of Regenerative Brain Institute
5 SECRETS That Can Increase Your MEMORY, FOCUS & MOTIVATION, And Give You ALL-DAY ENERGY  ...   Without Crashing and Burning!
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in Cognitive Health
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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • ​How my Clients go from just barely functioning to managing their companies, running their podcasts, and outperforming their competitors in every facet of their business
  • ​Why anyone that wants more FOCUS and ENERGY should never be drinking Energy drinks or Coffee. New research shows the true way to achieve ALL-DAY energy and motivation
  • ​How highly successful and productive entrepreneurs always stay on top of their game, and how you can gain access to these same incredible secrets, and use them for yourself!
  • ​One simple trick that I use to give my patients an extra BOOST in energy and concentration that has no side effects
  • ​​The ONLY Brain hack that everyone needs to start optimizing their mental muscle for peak performance, and it doesn't even cost you anything!

"Dr. Alex is amazing! He gave me my life back, and got me better! I had been battling Adrenal fatigue for 2 years. He truly healed me. He is an incredible healer!

I had been to doctor after doctor over the years. I am just so happy I found him! "

Keira Henninger
Ultra-Runner, Race Director
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"I've only been on his program 6 weeks and 90% of my symptoms are gone and the rest are diminishing!

It's amazing, and improving my health has given me confidence to go after other areas in my life that I'd previously been putting off. 

I've started exercising and pursuing goals that I couldn't before because I was simply too stressed out and tired all the time!

I've never been this healthy, not even as a child. 

Thank you, Alex, for all of your expertise and wonderful help!"

Plamena Schmidt
Portland, OR

About your host
Alex Tuggle L.Ac. is a 2nd Generation Acupuncturist, Qigong Master, and Functional Medicine practitioner, recieving his Master's degree in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine in 2007 from Yo San University in Los Angeles, CA.

After being in practice for over a decade, with a special focus on burnout, thyroid health, liver detoxification and cleansing, environmental toxicity, gut health, diet and nutrition hi own personal healing crisis and journey to recovery allowed him to discover the ROOT causes to brain fog, low energy, and cognitive decline.

Through this amazing experience, Alex Tuggle developed a unique  approach through trial and error which treats the underlying causes to memory decline and brain fog in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of side effects like crashing and burning.

He is now sharing these insights far and wide so that people can understand these health concepts and help themselves improve their own cognitive health decline, before it becomes a bigger problem!

Want to Know How My Clients Are Now Able To:

  • Be more productive, organized and motivated to complete new projects and implement new business strategies            
  • Remember every assignment, appointment, and little detail that needs to get done each day.
  • Improve their Memory 
  • Have Better Word Recall
  • ​Be able to Memorize New Information at Lightning Speeds
  • ​No longer feel embarassed in conversations when they can't think of someone's name, or have words vanish from their mind in the middle of a sentence.
  • Have the ENERGY, FOCUS, and MOTIVATION to write their books, run their podcast, write their blog, and keep up with the daily tasks of running a business.
  • ​​.....And remember about their kid's piano recitals, and picking them up from basketball practice, AND STILL know what to make for dinner that evening?


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