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  • Science: This free consultation with the founder of Functional Compounds and Regenerative Brain Institute LLC will help you understand how your body is working and what the underlying causes are to your current health condition.
  • Understanding: I will allow you to thoroughly describe your current situation, and health history up to this point so together we can see if you are ready to take the next few steps to really accelerate your healing journey by overcoming those things that are holding you back from functioning and performing at your very best.
  • 5-Steps To Ultimate Brain Power: Although each program is completely custom-tailored to suit your specific needs, based on lab-testing and health questionnaires and consultations, we utilize the Gold Standard System that repeatedly gets the most clients the best and long-lasting healing effects that will resolve ALL of the root causes to brain fog, fatigue and memory decline.

Meet Our Practitioner and Founder

Alex Tuggle L.Ac.

I Had A Full Brain Recovery!

My own healing journey after a horrible "brain crash" in 2018 has helped me to fully appreciate the multiple layers and interrelated health issues that are at the root cause of cognitive decline.

As I restored my health, one step at a time, and one day at a time, I was amazed at how severe my neurological health had become, which all began when I had a severe reaction to some powerful "nootropic" brain supplements that I sampled at a Brain Health seminar in San Francisco, CA.

The healing tools that I discovered on my healing journey have helped 100's of other clients since then regain their own brain performance, memory and physical health.

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